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Eagle Stretch Wrapper 2000B low profile with ramp


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Product Information

Name PDF Video Price
Eagle 2000B pdf video $5,977.00
Eagle 2000BE pdf $6480.00
Eagle 2000 EBT pdf $7466.00
Eagle 2000BWS pdf $8730.00
Eagle 1000B pdf $4800.00
Eagle 2000A pdf $5335.00
Eagle 2000F pdf $10350.00
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Product Description

Eagle Stretch Wrapper 2000B• Semi-Automatic or Manual Operation • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) • LCD Display with Integrated Controls • Automatic Load-Height Sensor (ALHS) • Powered Pre-Stretch (250%) • Turntable Resets Automatically to Home Position • Soft Start/Stop Turntable


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