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Water activated gum tape by Cantech Industries 

Printed water activated for branding

your_companyWant to showcase your brand? Looking for new advertisement space? We have solution for you. With a variety of printable packaging tapes and an unparalleled custom printing capability. Water-activated tapes, air pillows and select pressure-sensitive carton sealing tapes can be custom printed with your companys logo, message, and/or QR code.

Pressure Sensitive Carton Sealing Tapes Manufactured by Cantech Industries

Industrial Tapes: Joining, Bonding, Splicing, Electrical Manufactured by Cantech Industries 60 years of experience producing quality tapes. 



Shipping Room Tools


Stretch Film Products by Hi-Tech Plastics




Inflatable Protective Packaging manufactured by Inflatable Packaging, Inc.



Air Pillow Packing Pillows Manufacturered By Intertape Polymer Group


Corrugate Protective Packaging Manufacturered By Sinflex Papaer Co


Cohesive Protective Packaging Manufacturered By Sinflex Papaer Co

Cohevsive Specialties

  • Ful-Wrap® Film and Ful-Wrap® Kraft: Microfoam® or PE foam laminated to high density polypropylene film or kraft paper with a cohesive coating.
  • Cohesive Films & Krafts: HDPE and LDPE films cohesive coated
  • Tuff-Wrap® and Tuff-Wrap 2®: HDPE film laminated to bleached kraft and cohesive coated. For use on automated equipment.
  • E-Z Cushion Wrap Cohesive Foam: PE foam cohesive coated for irregularly shaped items.



Strapping Materials